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Tic With It August 29, 1998
Tourette Syndrome Association, Inc. Archives
Detroit-East Michigan Chapter

Tourette Syndrome Medical Seminar
"The Hidden Heartbreak of Childhood"

Art Abbott

This medical symposium is being presented by doctors for doctors. It is our sincere hope that Beaumont Auditorium will be filled to capacity with neurologists, psychiatrists, psychologists, neuropsychologists, pediatric neurologists,psychiatrists, psychologists, internests, social workers, and most importantly, our primary target, pediatricians and family practice physicians.

It was one year ago, at the first meeting of our newly formed professional advisory board, that the medical team members agreed that our Association's educational goals could best be met with a seminar of this type. It is soon to be a reality.

We must publicly recognize and thank the doctors on our medical avisory team, who are the planning committee, for their efforts:

John Gilroy, M.D., Chairman of Neurology, Beaumont Hospital
Richard Trosch, M.D., Associate Professor of Neurology, Wayne State University
Barbara Joyce, Ph.D., Director of Behavioral Sciences, DMC-Sinai
The speakers are:
Cynthia Comella, M.D., Clinical Phenomenology
David Rosenberg, M.D., Comorbid Disorders and Associated Behaviors
Richard Trosch, M.D., Treatment and Pharmacology

We are also indebted to William Beaumont Hospital, Neuroscience Center for their invaluable contributions to this effort.

We have received some monetary contributions form three pharmaceutical firms to assist us in underwriting the cost of this symposium. Thank you's go to:

Glaxo-Welcome Pharaceuticals
Novartis Pharmaceuticals
Abbott Laboratories

The docotors on the planning committee made all of the signigicant decisions. They made contact with the right people and organizations and recruited the speakers. However, a seminar requires a great deal of behind the scenes coordination. Letters must be typed, material ordered, travel arrangements checked, announcements printed, technical digests of presentations prepared, legal disclaimers prepared for speaker's signatures, continuing medical education credits approved and so much more. These jobs fell to the chapter.

In truth, they fell to one person, who did not really volunteer. She was, simply, in the right place when she was needed. She became the project's chairperson and did 90% of what should have been done by a large committee.

Education Committee member Bonnie Abbott, the Detroit-East Michigan Chapter thanks you and recognizes that without your efforts this seminar would not be taking place. All of the parents and those with Tourette Syndrome are indebted to you.

Thank you to Meaghan Abbott and Jeremy Abbott who assisted their mother with her tasks.

Thank you to Tim Hill for coordinating invitations to doctors and hospitals from Flint north.

People have asked if Chapter members can attend. It is our aim to fill every seat in the Beaumont lecture hall with doctors. If we have not acheived this by September 12 we will open attendence to Chapter members. We will take names and phone numbers on first come first served basis. If you would like to be on this list call the chapter line, 248-577-0872 or e-mail Tic With You can also contact your support coordinator. We will be contacting you the week prior to the seminar if there is a seat for you.

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