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Tic With It December 19, 1999
Tourette Syndrome Association, Inc. President's
Detroit-East Michigan Chapter

From the President's Desk
Art Abbott

From the President's Desk

Never in our 26 year history has a new year dawned so brightly for the Detroit-East Michigan TSA. Hope, opportunity, a fresh start and all the trite phrases rolled into one. Maybe my family has an atypical Tourette situation, it varies greatly from child to child, but I really don't think so. After receiving our TS diagnosis on a bright child of 7, who loved school and learning, I remember our first IEP very clearly. Of course it was confusing and frustrating, as were the results. Several years, and many IEP reviews and re-writes later, I came to realize the school staff were finding their way with this complex disorder just as his mother and I were, some more successfully that others.

By middle school, and a new level of academic challenges and frustrations, we realized there are two attitudes about special needs accommodations in those classrooms. Too often the task of educating six teachers each semester in How-to-implement the IEP became overwhelming and less than successful. Many of you know the feeling. We realized one immutable fact: Teachers and special education need to know more about Tourette Syndrome.

Back to hope and opportunity in 2000. Our Chapter is immensely proud to announce the Educators and Parents Seminar, April 7, in Warren, Michigan. The highest caliber national level lecturers will be assembled to educate and inform the very audience who play such a large part in the success of our childrenšs lives, the teachers. We've planned it and we'll make sure your principal and special education director are aware of it. But, we are fearful that the very teachers who should be at this seminar will not be informed on time, or the district cuts the budget, or subs are difficult to find, or any of a dozen reasons not to be there. We feel strongly that the teachers in your child's school will not be aware, unless you bring it to their attention and be a little pro-active. (That's better than pushy.)

This is the first in-depth educators seminar on TS/ADHD/OCD in MichiganŠever. Do not let them miss the opportunity. Don't you miss it either. Register early. This is a limited space facility. We expect to fill the parent quota well before march 1. Also, don't get so caught up with the seminar that you forget the annual Bowl-A-Thon on March 11. It's because of the succe$$ful Bowl-A-Thon last spring that we are able to bring this seminar to you this year. Hope all had a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa, etc.

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