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Tic With It May 15, 1998
Tourette Syndrome Association, Inc. Archives
Detroit Metropolitan Chapter

Support Group Report
by Barb Schmatz

Hi everyone! February and March have been very busy for us. Just to let you know what we have been doing for TS awareness, I've compiled this list.
IEP Counseling In-Service Training/teachers Conferences
2/2 Justice Family 2/16 Roose Elementary
3/3 Hilvers Family 3/5 Washington School 3/5 Council for Exceptional Children Presentation

3/9 Children at Roose Elementary

We have also attended conferences for ongoing education:
Treating the Unmanageable Adolescent; Neil Bernstein, PhD. Sponsored by Havenwyck Hospital.

Principle Centered Approach: Assessing and Developing Proactive Behavior Plans; Maurice Moses, PhD. Sponsored by Oakland Intermediate School District.

Section 504/IEP Training; Bernard Travnikar, PhD. Sponsored by H.E.A.D.D.U.P.
This has been a very productive year for us. I feel we have reached more people than ever thought possible. We have many new members receiving help and support through our meetings. The media have also raised awareness with programs such as The Practice and 20/20

Next year we hope to expand our peer support by involving more people and getting fresh ideas for different avenues. If there were more people available to counsel new members, help train future support group facilitators, attend conferences and staff information booths. I could use my time to provide in-service training to schools and train people to work with new members and schools. We can and are making a difference.

This year we also maintained 3 new satellite support groups. Unfortunately, we have found there is insufficient interest to maintain the Greater Dearborn Support Group. As a result, we are merging the Dearborn group with the Chapter meeting. We had hoped to serve the needs of people in the downriver area and western Wayne. If you would like to see this group continue let me know. You may call the hotline at 248-577-0872.

If you have not been involved in any group I welcome you to join us. Your ideas are needed, and the benefits are wonderful.

Lately, I have been visiting the chat room on the TSA website. It is a great place to go when you need someone to talk to. Recently I met people from Norway, Zimbabwe, Columbia, Costa Rica, Australia, Canada and all parts of the U.S. They are very caring and helpful people. It just shows how committed those involved with Tourette Syndrome are. One person visits even though she doesn't have TS or any family member with TS. That is how warm the people are.

One warning! I admit it is addictive. There are always more people in the TS chat room than any other, including the ADHD chat room.

Now I would like to thank those who have helped other people with their questions and offered support. You make the difference in so many lives.

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