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October 1999
Tourette Syndrome Association, Inc. Archive
Detroit-East Michigan Chapter

A Grateful Organization Says Thank You
25th Anniversary Celebration. On June 19, 1999, TS members who are, or have been, the fabric of the organization gathered over dinner in Royal Oak to mark the end of the '98/'99 TSA year. They also came to celebrate 25 years of service to TS families. Yes, it's the Silver Anniversary of our organization and we had a lot of fun reminiscing with Ricki Cohen about our early beginnings. She founded this Chapter in 1974 when absolutely no one had ever heard of this complex neurological disorder known as Tourette Syndrome.

All past-presidents were invited to participate and Ricki was recognized for her efforts as founder and leader of our chapter from 1974 to 1981. Past-President Ray Thibeault (1981-82) now resides in Lansing. He made some changes in his busy schedule and joined us. Evy Tichik, our treasurer this past year, was again saluted for her service as president from 1982-1990 and her accomplishments in public awareness, i.e: Tourette Syndrome focus group on Kelly and Company, a Detroit tv talk show in the late 1980s.

We missed Past-president Mary Kennedy, 1990-1996, who was up north attending a family wedding, but she sent regrets. She also forwarded some memories to be shared from the rostrum. My mentor, Past-President Rose Wood 1997-97, now resides in Oklahoma with her family and sent and memories also.

We had pretty good coverage of our development and history over the past 25 years and it was enjoyed by all.

RECOGNITION AND AWARDS: The other major highlight of the evening was recognition of service by the officers and other volunteers directly responsible for the operation of Chapter services. The awards are:

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