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Tourette Syndrome Association, Inc.
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My son was diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome the spring of 1990. At that time I went to the library and found nothing other than a vertical file on the symptoms. Another TS Mom and I requested that the library order the book "Tourette Syndrome and Human Behavior". I think I checked that book out more that year than anyone. The librarian remarked that it was a wise investment. I thought so too. Now there are many books on TS in the library. The same thing has happened to the internet. When we went on-line for the first time, years ago, there were only a few places to go for information. Now there are literally thousands of web sites to visit. Of course you have to be aware that not all sites contain accurate information but I believe that the ones on this list are excellent.


The National TSA web site.

Our Children Left Behind.This site will tell you how our Legislators want to change IDEA. We must all keep current on the evolving news if we want our children to succeed.

Information regarding special education in Michigan.

Bridges for Kids Web Site.Building Partnerships Between Families, School and Communities.

Hope Press has books that you can review. Of course remember that we sell TS & Human Behavior, Teaching the Tiger and Dysinhibition Syndrome at a postage free price during our meetings.

Leslie Packer has a great site that answers many of your questions about Rages and Storms.

News from the National Information Center Children and Youth with Disabilities.

The Council for Disability Rights.

For information on Free and low cost prescription drugs.

The Disorganized student.

Poisitve Behavior Support for all Students.

All Kinds of Minds

This will get you started on your journey. I hope you will find all the information you need. Happy surfing!
Barb Schmatz

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