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Tourette Syndrome Association, Inc.
Michigan Chapter
December, 2006
Tourette Syndrome Related Books

Available from this Chapter at the Oakland/Macomb County Support Group meeting or by calling (248)641-TSA5 (8725)

Dysinhibition Syndrome
by Rose Wood, Past President, Metropolitan Detroit Chapter, Tourette Syndrome Association
Published by Hope Press, 1999. $24.95
How to Handle Anger and Rage in Your Child or Spouse
Definition: Dysinhibition is a condition in some individuals with primary neurological disorders that limits an individuals ability to use his/her inhibitory process and learned inhibitory skills. The individual experiences involuntary behaviors that include, but are not limited to the following: excessive silliness, sassing, contextual swearing, free associative comments, infantile behaviors, emotional outbursts, rage, oppositional defiant behaviors, and psychological disorders. The individual's behavior is not a result of not knowing how to behave but is more the result of not being able to behave as one ought. Dysinhibition Syndrome is a common condition that ecompasses numerous psychological and neurological conditions in episodic occurrences. The condition ranges from mild symptoms to the end of the the syndrome calle destabilization.

David E. Comings, M.D., FACMG; Excerpt from the book's forward. . .
"I was delighted to read Rose Wood's book Dysinhibition Syndrome. Through the perspective of a mother, wife and professional, she attacks the symptom complex head on. Her emphasis is on the most disruptive parts of the dysinhibited behaviors. Her term dysinhibition syndrome succinctly defines the behaviors that parents most often complain about. She presents the results of her years of dealing with this syndrome in her own family and her clients".

Tourette Syndrome and Human Behavior
by David Comings, M.D., FACMG
This is the book that defines and describes Tourette Syndrome. It tells what Tourette Syndrome is and what it is not.

Teaching the Tiger
by S. Pruitt,M.Ed and M Dornbush, Ph.D
This book is a must for any teacher who has a Tourette, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder or ADHD child in the class.
David E. Comings, M.D., FACMG; Excerpt from the book's forward. . .
"While other books on these conditions help us to understand the clinical aspects, neurochemistry, genetics and medical treatment of these disorders, Teaching the Tiger is uniquely designed to help teachers, parents, students, and relatives maximize the educational plans necessary to help these children. This can be so effective that for some children this understanding of their condition and appropriate help in the classroom is all that is necessary. For the others who require medication, it can make the difference between whether the problems are largely eliminated or remain a major impediment to progress. An understanding teacher and an appropriately designed educational plan is a critical part of treating all of these children".

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